Market Risk

Equity and Bond Markets may fall as well as rise and investors must be aware that market fluctuations can cause capital loss.

Manager and Credit Risk

In an Omba Portfolio, the underlying ETFs are managed by third party firms. These firms often use third party custodians. Investors must be aware that disruption or bankruptcy of one of these custodians could cause disruption or loss for the portion of their OMBA separately managed account invested in an ETF managed by one of these third-party firms, who are using third party custodians. This could be due to a failure of the third party custodian to adequately segregate client money in accordance with the regulatory rules.

Currency Risk

Due to the fact that globally diversified portfolios are being constructed there could be adverse currency movements causing losses when measured in the investors base or reference currency.

Liquidity Risk

Due to the fact that ETFs trade on an exchange the ability to sell an investment will be subject to market liquidity. Any disruption in the underlying liquidity of the ETFs positions or the ETF itself could cause wider bid/ offer spreads and potential losses to investors.

Inflation Risk

If the investment portfolio’s returns do not keep up with inflation investors will be subject to losses in real terms as the spending power of their assets declines.

Taxation Risk

Investors should be aware that taxation could impact the portfolio returns, gains may be taxable and losses may not be deductible. Investors should seek taxation advice with respect to the entity or person that has a Separately Managed Account.