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Omba advises and manages money for Family Offices and High Net Worth investors. We also manage the Omba Moderate Risk Global Allocation Fund. We are ETF specialists and we build and manage globally diverse, low cost portfolios of ETFs which are robustly managed through a transparent process.

We are a team of experienced professionals hailing from experience in large firms and most importantly, all of us share the same vision to do something better for investors and we pride ourselves on our business principles and culture.

Omba win the Emerging Manager category award at the 2020 Private Asset Managers (PAM) awards.

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Our Services


Through our separately managed accounts business catering to High Net Worth individuals and Family Offices we manage client portfolios of ETFs with differing risk profiles, tax considerations and base currencies. We have built our processes and technology to be custodian agnostic and thus are not tied to one custodian or broker.


Family Office, Ultra High Net Worth and Charity and Foundation clients engage us as consultants to advise on a number of investment matters such as assessment and development of appropriate asset allocation, security and fund/custodian selection considerations, detailed fees analysis and consolidated reporting amongst other work.


Omba is the Investment Manager for the Omba Moderate Risk Global Allocation Fund which provides retail investors access to our specialist ETF knowledge, investment acumen and risk management. The fund follows the same moderate risk strategy into which many of our Family Office and Ultra High Net Worth clients invest.

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