Discretionary Investment Management is the core of Omba’s business. We work with High Net Worth and Family Offices to create and implement bespoke ETF portfolios and can work with a range of client banks and custodians.


Omba operate as the Investment Manager to a number of UCITS subfunds under the Omba Investments ICAV.

Fund documents pertaining to the Omba Global Equity, Omba Global Thematic funds and the Omba Moderate Risk Global Allocation fund.

Application form for own name Individual and Intermediaries

For use as an own name individual or intermediary applying on someone’s behalf (ie parent, guardian, attorney).
Complete the application form online and upload required KYC documentation

Application form for Joint name applications

For Joint applications – the first Applicant completes and signs the form online and then specifies the second Applicant’s details for the form to be emailed them to sign and complete in order.

Application form for Legal Entities & Trusts applications

Application form for Legal Entity and Trusts.

Fund Subscription form

Form for depositing funds to purchase new or additional units in the funds.

Fund Redemption form

Form for making withdrawals from the funds .