Invest with us

We don’t believe that the returns that investors receive from active mutual funds warrants the costs so we therefore implement our investment views using global ETFs and actively manage these positions across countries, regions, sectors, factors and themes.

We think globally. Our investment decisions are driven by the global macro-economic environment, geopolitics and valuations. Growth at a reasonable price (GARP) drives our thinking with respect to growth sectors.

We follow a Strategic Asset Allocation approach. The SAA reflects the targeted long-term asset allocation that aims to achieve our investment objectives in the most optimal manner, factoring in risk and return. We take shorter term tactical tilts away from the SAA investing into countries, sectors, factors and themes where we believe there is a profitable upward move. Both the SAA and TAA are driven by global macro research and bottom up valuation.

We believe in diversification to manage investment risk and we are therefore always diversified across stocks (through ETFs), countries, sectors and factors. We are broadly agnostic of global equity benchmarks as we believe they are unfairly skewed towards the Western nations and the demographics and GDP do not warrant this. We are therefore generally under-weight the West and Western big tech.