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The Omba Global Thematic Fund is an actively managed global equity fund that invests in a diversified set of longer-term secular and shorter-term cyclical equity themes with a focus on important investment themes and megatrends of the future.

The Fund is ‘time diversified’ by combining holding shorter-term tactical ‘satellite’ themes that complement longer-term ‘core’ themes; providing improved diversification and reducing correlation to benchmarks. Themes can be expressed using a combination of equity ETFs and single stocks. Single stock holdings allow for focused theme expression where optimal. Theme selection uses a top-down macro approach which leverages market insights guided by Omba’s experience in managing global multi asset and global equity portfolios.



2022 April Thematic Factsheet
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    B USD Distributing IE000F8T9K47
    A USD Accumulating IE00024JYLP6
    A GBP Accumulating IE000UT63SQ4
      Omba Global Thematic Fund A EUR Accumulating IE000JWQ75F2
      Omba Global Thematic Fund B GBP Distributing IE000MJV8KJ0
      Omba Global Thematic Fund B EUR Distributing IE000FYKWW22
      Omba Global Thematic Fund B USD Distributing IE000F8T9K47
      Omba Global Thematic Fund A GBP Accumulating IE000UT63SQ4
      Omba Global Thematic Fund A USD Accumulating IE00024JYLP6
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          KEY FACTS

          PRODUCTOpen Ended UCITS fund
          INVESTMENT MANAGER & DISTRIBUTOR Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd
          CUSTODIANNorthern Trust (Ireland)
          AUDITORErnst & Young
          ADMINISTRATOR & MANAGER Prescient Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd
          TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO (TER)Capped @ 0.98%
          VALUATION POINT 17:00 (New York time) on each Dealing Day.
          DEALING POINTEvery Business day (except Saturday or Sunday) on which banks in Ireland are open for business.
          DEALING DEADLINEMeans 10:00am (Irish time) on the relevant Dealing Day.