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The Omba Global Equity Fund is an actively managed fund which invests exclusively into 100% equities across global equity markets using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Diversification is at the core of the investment strategy, with the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allowing an effective and efficient expression of our investment strategy. The strategy follows a global macro driven approach, that embraces our differentiated view of the world – one that encompasses an understanding of the shift in economic power both at a geographic and sectoral level. Our strategic allocation is impacted by structural megatrends that are having a profound impact from a social, economic or political perspective whilst our tactical allocation is responsive to current market conditions and is impacted by cyclical factors, valuations and other market opportunities or imbalances.



2022 April Equity Factsheet
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    A GBP Accumulating IE0007XQ7MJ7
    B USD Distributing IE000UB7J5Y8
    A USD Accumulating IE00032SOEO9
      Omba Global Equity Fund B GBP Distributing IE000FD98DQ7
      Omba Global Equity Fund B EUR Distributing IE0005XECEY9
      Omba Global Equity Fund B USD Distributing IE000UB7J5Y8
      Omba Global Equity Fund A GBP Accumulating IE0007XQ7MJ7
      Omba Global Equity Fund A EUR Accumulating IE000ZUWBIF7
      Omba Global Equity Fund A USD Accumulating IE00032SOEO9
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          KEY FACTS

          PRODUCTOpen Ended UCITS fund
          INVESTMENT MANAGER & DISTRIBUTOR Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd
          CUSTODIANNorthern Trust (Ireland)
          AUDITORErnst & Young
          ADMINISTRATOR & MANAGER Prescient Fund Services (Ireland) Ltd
          TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO (TER)Capped @ 0.98%
          VALUATION POINT 17:00 (New York time) on each Dealing Day.
          DEALING POINTEvery Business day (except Saturday or Sunday) on which banks in Ireland are open for business.
          DEALING DEADLINEMeans 10:00am (Irish time) on the relevant Dealing Day.