REGULATORY Disclosures

Registered office

Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd (“Omba”) whose registered office is Cargo Works (Unit 4.04), 1 – 2 Hatfields, London, SE1 9PG, United Kingdom.

Our company is registered in the UK under registration number 10594806 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 775647.

Order Execution Policy

Omba is required to provide Best Execution (COBS 11.2A) to ensure when trading all sufficient steps are taken to obtain the best possible result – thus the terms that are most favourable to the client.

Omba will be subject to COBS 11.2A in its capacity of transmitting orders to Counterparties who then execute the orders on behalf of clients. Where Omba does not execute orders directly with trading venues (as defined by the FCA Rules) Omba will ensure that it has obtained the execution policies of Counterparties to confirm that these policies meet the requirements in relation to executing orders on behalf of retail and professional clients.

Omba maintains its own execution policy internally to assist the delivery of Best Execution, ensuring that this encompasses the different classes of investments, the entities where these orders are executed, and by whom, and, as noted above, the suitability of Counterparties’ own execution policies (if applicable) to ensure Omba delivers Best Execution for its clients.