Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty is involved in building out the South African business of Omba. She started her career at Deloitte in the financial services department. She subsequently worked in the finance department at Aerobotics, a South African based agri-tech startup, and co-founded a boutique corporate tax advisory business specialising in assisting startups with their tax compliance. Her recent work has also included advising on the tax, structuring and financial affairs of a wealthy family with involvement in managing a property portfolio and a number of other investments. Kirsty completed her Bachelors of Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town where she was placed on the Dean’s Merit List in each of her academic years. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa and member of SAICA. Kirsty has also completed her Master of Commerce degree specialising in international tax law and is a registered tax practitioner in South Africa.