Andrew Limberis

Since joining Omba in September 2017, Andrew has played an integral role in Omba’s portfolio management process contributing to its robustness and strong track record and was promoted to the Board in 2023. In addition, Andrew’s in-depth knowledge of ETFs has seen him regularly being quoted in the press.
Preceding his time at Omba he worked at EY, in London, in the Banking and Capital Markets division. Andrew also worked in the Johannesburg and New York offices of EY where he audited asset managers, hedge funds and other financial services firms. Preceding his time at EY he was an Associate Lecturer in Management Accounting and Finance at the University of the Witwatersrand where he obtained his Master of Commerce (Accountancy) and was awarded the top student prize.

Andrew is a CFA charterholder and scored above the 90% percentile of all global candidates for the CFA Level III exam. Andrew is also a South African qualified Chartered Accountant and member of SAICA.