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Thematic Trends: eSports & Video Gaming

In this unique and exciting research piece we explore a specific thematic trend: Video Gaming and eSports adoption. A first in a series for the year ahead we take a look at the size of the market, and what will…

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“Shapes” – Mapping the Recovery

A “V” Shaped recovery? A “U” Shape? We all hope that markets do not follow a “W” or “L”, but a “K” might be the most appropriate. In “Shapes” – Mapping the Recovery, we explore the various trajectories that the…

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OMBA 2020 Outlook

Markets, Multiples, Monetary Policy & Momentum Some of our thinking for a complex 2020 In this piece we touch on many topics and share some of the things we like, some of the things on our radar and a brief…

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Market Update – Coronavirus

We have prepared a brief market update with a specific focus on the current market impact of the Coronavirus outbreak – something that we continue to watch closely.

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