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Why use a Family Office?

Family offices can offer a more personal and effective way to manage, invest and distribute the wealth of ultra high net worth individuals and families.

From investing in ETFs to succession planning, at Omba Advisory & Investments, we operate a small and highly specialised team who stem from large financial institutions. Together, we can act as your family office, helping to oversee your investment portfolio and provide financial advice and assistance every step of the way.

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What is included in a Family Office?

  • Portfolio management and investments
  • Advisory management
  • Fund management
  • Succession planning
  • Engagement with Trustees
  • Ethical and sustainable investments
  • Real estate planning
  • Philanthropy management

Why use Omba for my Family Office?

Omba Advisory & Investments Limited advises and manages money for Family Offices and High Net Worth (HNW) clients.

  • Our clients appreciate our Business Values first and foremost.
  • They love that we are transparent and honest.
  • Our clients understand our simple and low fee with no conflicts between our investment process and the revenue we earn.
  • We are long term investors not traders and punters. We build globally diversified low cost investment portfolios for clients.
  • They like our robust investment process.
  • We manage their expectations and explain risk clearly.
  • We are ETF specialists and provide an excellent solution for people who like the use of ETFs but don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the 1000’s of choices one has.
  • We are independent with respect to which ETF provider to use and are not tied to any firm.
  • We forge close relationships with our clients and maintain ongoing dialogue relating to their investment needs. i.e. not just providing an upfront solution without subsequent interactions.

Do I need a Family Office?

For any individual or family with large assets, a family office like Omba can help safeguard your financials, helping to deliver strong returns on investments, whilst providing any effective distribution of wealth to other family members, advising on setting up trustees or succession planning.

Today, multi family offices are often preferred to private banks or institutions, since they are made up of more senior and highly skilled advisors, acting according to the wishes of their client and being able to invest in more innovative, sustainable and commercial opportunities including ETF and ESG products.

We are a small, highly focused, motivated and dedicated team which stem from large organisations from a financial services and technology backgrounds. We proudly serve clients from all over the world with a firm base in London which facilitates access to people, service providers and information of the highest calibre.

We take a controlled and diversified approach when managing risk and our approach involves using well diversified portfolios across global assets and multiple currency exposure to additional further diversification benefits. Plus using low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to keep the fees clients pay down.

Our portfolios are all “liquid” and we do not lock client funds into investments from which they are unable to withdraw funds.

To show our commitment to your investments, the Directors invest a significant portion of their own money in Omba’s investment strategies.

What is a Single Family Office?

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What is a Multi Family Office?

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How much money do you need to have a Family Office?

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What other services can a Family Office provide?

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Will a Family Office invest money on my behalf?

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Meet the Team

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