Omba wins ‘Most Innovative Thematic Proposition’ award at 2024 Wealth Briefing Awards

Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd, last night won the Most Innovative Thematic Proposition category at The Twelfth Annual WealthBriefing European Awards 2024.

The award recognises the innovative approach adopted in the 2021 launch of the Omba Global Thematic fund, an actively managed global equity fund that invests in a diversified set of longer-term secular and shorter-term cyclical equity themes with a focus on important investment themes and megatrends of the future.

Omba’s approach to ETF selection is driven by qualitative factors, a necessity in the fast-changing world of ETFs and markets, and quantitative factors, embellished by our proprietary look-through analysis of ETF exposures. Our strategy for Thematic Investing combines long-term secular and shorter-term cyclical themes through a combination of ETFs and single stocks. This blended investment approach allows us to strategically overweight certain companies we believe are at the forefront of innovation, driving growth, revenue, and earnings.  

The judging panel noted: “The judges’ winner was originally founded with the intention of being ‘the change they wanted to see within the investment industry.’ Aligning their business interests with their client’s interests through implementing globally diverse portfolios, offering a transparent and clean fee structure, along with an extensively scrutinised ETF and security selection makes them a stand-out within the industry.”

Andrew Limberis, Investment Director, commented: “Omba are thrilled to have won this award in recognition of our investment process. We have identified five key Megatrends and within these are many more sub-themes we can overweight or underweight based on our assessment of the thematic purity and importantly, valuation. Thematic investing requires big-picture thinking, coupled with attention to detail and strong technical expertise. Our extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of these themes, and the ETFs we use to invest within them, makes us a stand-out amongst our peers. 

Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd is an independently owned wealth and asset manager headquartered in London regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, FSCA in South Africa and as an investment manager to a range of Irish UCITS funds by the Central Bank of Ireland.