Omba Equity and Thematic funds approved for marketing in UK

Omba Advisory and Investments, a London based Wealth and Investment manager are pleased to announce that the Omba Global Equity Fund and Omba Global Thematic fund have been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority for sale to retail investors in the UK.

The Omba Investments ICAV was launched in October 2021 with two new subfunds – the Omba Global Thematic Fund which is an actively managed equity strategy that invests in a diversified set of equity themes through ETFs and single stocks. The Omba Global Equity Fund is a subset of equity positions in the moderate risk fund, providing investors with a diversified global equity strategy utilising country, sectoral, thematic and factor ETFs.

Approval from the FCA was required in order to distribute the funds in the United Kingdom due to the closure of the Temporary permissions Regime in 2020. Omba worked with legal counsel ByrneWallace to apply for fund recognition under section 272 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).

The full suite of funds, the Moderate Global Risk Allocation Fund, the Global Equity Fund and the Global Thematic Fund will be available to UK investors either directly from Prescient Dublin or via the following platforms:

  • AJ Bell
  • interactive investor
  • Quilter

“The fund launches in November 2021 could not have come at a more challenging time for Omba, as the markets and funds have sold off fairly aggressively. But it is now a very attractive time to enter the funds as markets continue to sell-off. Timing the perfect entry is not possible, but buying into weakness before the bottom is what we advise our investors, as when the markets turn, they can turn very quickly and you don’t want to be left wanting” says Stephen Brierley head of Fund Distribution for Omba.